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What We Do

At WrightOne, we help clients with selection and development, performance enhancement, and issues of organizational change. We specialize in psychological assessment analysis, organizational assessment, as well as leadership development and training.

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Identify Potential  Improve Performance

We believe that when you start with the right people, leading them and managing your business becomes much easier. That’s why a significant proportion of our work involves helping clients identify potential.

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Why WrightOne?

  • Fast and Accurate

    We understand the importance of the selection process. We use proven assessments and experienced consultants to assess your candidates in a timely manner. We discuss with you the candidates' fit, and help you make on-target hiring decisions.

  • Accessible & Personal

    Accessing our expertise is not difficult, and we design our products and services to be easy to understand and to use. Whether you call our office, use our assessments, participate in our training or work with us in coaching sessions, you are our focus.

  • Proven Results

    For more than 30 years, we have created and implemented effective solutions with one goal in mind: To help our clients get the best possible performance from their teams.

Better Business

If you want a superior workforce, a higher employee retention rate, higher levels of engagement, and an increase in productivity, the roadmap to get there is through quality training and development.

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Why should I use a pre-employment assessment?

Our assessments provide you with objective information that help you make a better hiring decision. Assessments can help you reduce turnover and increase overall productivity. Research shows that assessments are far more accurate and powerful predictors of job performance than other widely used employee selection techniques such as the interview alone.

What types of employee assessments do you offer?

Because WrightOne specializes in pre-employment assessments, we offer a wide array of personality assessments, aptitude assessments, and skills assessments. Depending on the nature of the role, we also have specific assessments that measure sales capabilities, critical thinking and advanced quantitative reasoning.

What should I expect from pre-employment testing?

It’s important to have realistic goals and expectations for what a pre-employment assessment program can achieve for your organization. Integrating pre-employment assessments into your hiring process doesn’t mean that you’ll never make a bad hire again. Instead, what you will experience is a greater chance that a candidate will be qualified for the position and that they will be productive in the role.

How much does it cost?

Our pre-employment assessment tests are offered on a low cost, per use basis. For more information, contact us.

What is different about the Sales Selection Assessment?

Personality assessments are particularly effective for evaluating applicants for sales positions, because sales roles often involve extensive interaction with other people. While sales roles differ widely depending on the industry and the complexity of the role, extensive research demonstrates that certain personality traits tend to be accurate predictors of sales success in almost any industry.

Can I trust test scores from assessments administered remotely?

Studies in this area indicate that cheating is far less common than you might expect. Candidates are far more likely to “pad” their resume or look up “best answers” to interview questions than to cheat on an assessment. If this is still an issue for you, we can also arrange for assessments to be administered at your facility.

Is it illegal to use certain types of tests?

Certain types of tests are NOT legal to use as part of any hiring process because of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The ADA prohibits the use of a pre-hire assessment that may be construed as a "medical exam" or an assessment of mental health in a pre-employment setting. All of our assessments are legally valid and ADA compliant.

Can you help me fire people as well?

Well, if you are using our service, that will probably happen a lot less often. In addition, we offer coaching and training that can help turn around poor performers.

What our clients say

  • "I've been skeptical of consultants, but WrightOne provides us with great insight into the people we put on our team. They can see things I’m too close to see and point out the issues that may cause us problems down the road."

    President, Investment Banking Firm

  • "During the many years I have worked with WrightOne, they have performed hundreds of assessments for pre-employee screening analysis as well as assessments for employee potential advancement analysis. They are always accessible, responsive, and insightful."

    VP of Sales, Industrial Laundry

  • "I have been privileged to work with WrightOne for more than twenty years and have introduced their human capital expertise to each subsequent firm during my career. Their solid business judgment coupled with keen analytics makes them valued partners with whom I can develop, expand, and enhance the human capital and talent of any organization I join."

    Senior VP, Commercial Insurance Co.

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